Apprenticeship Scheme

The Apprenticeship Scheme whereby a young person learns the trade of his or her master, is an ancient tradition in the City and the jewel in the Guild's crown.

The GMS Apprenticeship scheme offers members of the cluster schools the chance to become involved in the Guild and its affairs, to gain early insights into the life of the City and to take the first step towards becoming a full Guildman and Freeman of the City of London. The scheme follows a historic and formalised process, starting with an indenture ceremony at The Guildhall where Master, a current Guildman, and Apprentice are bound and is completed when the Apprentice completes their four years of servitude.

The scheme offers Apprentices the opportunity to attend Guild functions including the sumptuous annual Installation Dinner, the Lord Mayor’s Show and social events specifically for Apprentices and younger Guildmen. It also offers the chance to build contacts through the broad spectrum of members involved in the City and elsewhere, as well as through fellow student and young professional peer groups. For those interested in pursuing a career in the City or in search of advice, the Apprenticeship scheme has the potential to present great opportunities for forward-thinking candidates and provide a valuable and dynamic introduction to the Square Mile.

For further details regarding applications please contact your School Court Assistant.