Sat 24th Jun 2023

GMS - Museum of the Order of St John

The Master invites you to join him in a tour of the Museum of the Order of St John & St John’s Gate in Farringdon on 24 June 2023 - a step back in time through 900 years of history, journeying into the past of the Knights Hospitaller and the foundations of St John’s Ambulance, and their connection with London.

We will visit the museum and the site of one of London’s original gates and the monastic past of the area.

Discover the characters and legacies of the knight-monks, printers, literati, publicans & philanthropists of the order in these ancient medieval buildings and how they have been reimagined to adapt to the modern requirements of this charitable institution.

This detailed guided tour will commence at 11am and last an hour, with an optional lunch to follow to sate our hunger and digest the history revealed by our expert guide.

With only 10 tickets available costing only £12 per person, be sure to reserve your place quickly.

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Available options:

Tour £12.00: Last booking date Sat 17th Jun 2023 02:00 pm

Places Remaining: 1

Sat 19th Aug 2023

GMS - Bletchley Park

The Master invites you to join him on a visit to the world-renowned home of British code-breaking in World War Two, Bletchley Park. On Saturday 19 August 2023, experience a fascinating trip through the highlights of the facility and the critical role it and its thousands of codebreakers played in ensuring Allied victory. A fascinating day out can be expected exploring Bletchley Park through immersive films, interactive displays, museum collections and faithfully recreated WW2 rooms.

Our group will meet at the front of Bletchley Mansion at 11am for a roughly 2 hour trip through the exhibitions and stories of the remarkable men and women who worked there. An optional lunch will follow at individual cost, after which there will be the opportunity for guests to continue their own individual exploration of the site at their leisure.  Tickets cost only £18 per person including entry and tour, for what is sure to be a memorable day out.

Available options:

Tour £18.00: Last booking date Sat 12th Aug 2023 02:00 pm

Places Remaining: 10

Sun 24th Sep 2023

Join us to Drive Sheep across London Bridge

The Master invites you to join him to drive sheep across London Bridge.

A unique day out and a privilege to Freemen of the City of London and their guests.

The date of the event is yet to be announced, but is likely to be around, 24 September 2023, over London Bridge.

Historically this privileged right permitted Freemen to drive their sheep into the City without paying an admission toll – today, the Drive is a fund raisers for the Lord Mayor's chosen charities.

It is a key event in the City's calendar and a major occasion for its livery companies. All those who have received their Freedom and become Guildmen are welcome to register and to bring guests for this special day. After the walk has taken place, we will move on to the Livery Fair at Monument to enjoy lunch (payable at individual cost). There will be plenty of opportunities to purchase a memento of the day, or other crafts made by specialist wool and textile traders and artisans.

To reflect the charitable nature of the day tickets cost £65 per person, with all proceeds going to The Woolmen Charity and The Lord Mayor’s Appeal.

The time of the walk will be confirmed once bookings are made available in 2023. The above time is a placeholder only.

Available options:

Ticket £65.00: Last booking date Sat 24th Jun 2023 02:00 pm

Places Remaining: 0

Wed 01st Nov 2023

Provisional: Young Guildmen Drinks / Event

Young Guildmen events are funded social events designed for younger members of the Guild. 

This year’s programme will focus on group events, like shuffleboard, ping pong, crazy golf, darts, and any other ideas you would like to try.  

Events are usually organised via WhatsApp - if you would like to be added to the group, please speak to Oli Drew at one of the events, or reach out to, with your phone number to be added to the group. 

Available options:

TBC £0.00: Last booking date Wed 01st Nov 2023 06:30 pm

Places Remaining: 19