The Mercers' Grant

The Mercers' Livery Company has generously provided a sum of money to the Mercers' Guild of Scholars to be made available to new apprentices, those bound after January 2016.

The awards are aimed at supporting apprentices to complete activities which will develop their leadership and team working skills and to support them to be involved in charitable activities.

To apply for the grant the apprentice, in the first instance, will submit a business plan. The Guild Renter Warden and the Membership Committee will decide whether the project or activity proposed by the apprentice meets the criterion for awarding a grant. It is a strong recommendation of the Guild that this money is applied for early in an apprenticeship. Before applying for a grant the project must be discussed with and approved by the apprentice’s parent or guardian, and then discussed with, and approved by their Apprentice Master or, failing that, the School Court Assistant.

An application form can be downloaded here: Mercers' Grant Application Form